Drum and Fife Band

The Fife and Drum Band has operated at Yarralumla Primary School since 2006. Yarralumla Primary School was one of the first group of schools to offer the Fife and Drum program. Instruction is provided by a teacher from the ACT Education Directorate's Instrumental Music Program, which operates a variety of instrumental music programs in 55 ACT government primary and secondary schools, supported by a Yarralumla Primary School teacher.

The aims of the Instrumental Music Program are to:

  • Enhance the education of children through their involvement in a quality music program
  • Provide a strong motivation for children to continue to engage in music activities
  • Develop cooperative learning, social interaction and performance skills
  • Develop in children an awareness and appreciation of many musical styles and genres
  • Develop instrumental and ensemble skills
  • Encourage children to strive for excellence

The Fife and Drum Band comprises 25 students from Years 3 to 6. Students are required to make a commitment to the Band for the whole year. In their first year in the Band, students learn to play the fife, which resembles a small flute. Students in their second year learn to play the bass and snare drums and if they continue to their third year, they have the opportunity to learn the flute.

An IMP staff member teaches the Band for two 45 minute lessons each week. The Fife and Drum Band lessons and practices take place in the Band Room in the Gambarri building. A Yarralumla Primary School teacher takes a lunch time practice each week and conducts the Fife and Drum Band in all performances. These performances include Open Days, Assemblies and School Concerts.

On several occasions during the year, our Fife and Drum Band joins with the Fife and Drum Bands from other schools for a Combined Band Practice. These combined practices are a vital component of the Instrumental Music Program as they provide performance opportunities and expand the band experience.

Bandstravaganza is the major annual concert of all the brass and woodwind bands operated by the Instrumental Music Program. The Bandstravaganza concert takes place each November and the Yarralumla Primary School Fife and Drum Band regularly performs as part of a massed Fife and Drum Band.