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Welcome to Yarralumla Primary School

Yarralumla Primary is a small, community English-Italian bilingual school located on the southern shores of Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin. Its focus is on developing the whole child through personalised learning in a language rich and inclusive environment.

Our school is a neighbourhood school catering for children from the ages of 3 to 12 as well as out-of-area children from families committed to the bilingual program. There is a sizeable proportion of children from overseas embassies located in Yarralumla and other families on postings.

Yarralumla Primary has built an enviable reputation for delivering a wide variety of specialist educational programs that include not only its Italian bilingual stream and English stream but also special education programs in the Learning Support Unit- Autism, a Cycle 1 Montessori curriculum, and a curriculum focus on The Arts and sustainability. All parents are encouraged to participate in our diverse, vibrant and energetic community as partners in our students' learning.

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Front of School

Yarralumla Primary School is located in a leafy, tranquil setting by Lake Burley Griffin in inner suburban Yarralumla, about 3 kilometres from the centre of Canberra. It is a neighbourhood school, catering for children from ages 3 to 12 with a strong community focus and supportive parent body.The strength of the school lies in the close partnership between students, staff and parents and the wider community.

The school believes that students have a fundamental right to learn in a safe, supportive environment and to be treated with respect. It values diversity and operates an inclusive learning environment for all students including those with a disability.

The school STAR Values - promote Safety, Team players, Active learners and Respect. These values are linked to our Positive Behaviours for Learning program and also incorporate Friendly Schools Plus.

Yarralumla Primary draws both local and out of area students, with a sizeable proportion of students from overseas embassies located in Yarralumla, and other families on postings in Canberra. Children from the suburb are able to walk or ride their bikes (via cycle paths) to school.

All enrolment inquiries from both in-area and out-of-area families are welcome.