Junior Classroom and Forum

Yarralumla Primary School's curriculum is based on the essential knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities of the Australian curriculum subject disciplines of English, Italian, mathematics, science, history and geography. It will adopt the Australian curriculum of The Arts and Physical Education and Health once they have been endorsed nationally. In the interim, the ACT Curriculum - Every Chance to Learn provides the content and skills for these subjects.

Teachers plan and teach collaboratively in dual language teams using a comprehensive template incorporating backward design (McTighe & Wiggins - Understanding by Design) and the four elements of (CLIL) Content Language Integrated Learning used in bilingual settings to develop rigorous inquiry based units of work. The units of work identify key understandings and essential learning (of both content and language structures) that are taught in both English and Italian. They also include integration of the Australian curriculum capabilities of literacy, numeracy, Information and Communication technologies, personal and social capabilities, ethical understanding and inter-cultural understanding.

Curriculum planning over the duration of a school year also includes timely integration of key understandings around the Australian curriculum's cross-curriculum priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia and Sustainability.