History and Traditions

Yarralumla Primary School was established on the leafy foreshores of Yarramlumla Bay in 1957.

The school is renowned for its community involvement and specialist programs such as the Montessori early childhood program for children aged 3 to 6 years and its Italian Bilingual Program which was established in 2009 after migrating from the former Lyons Primary School. Italian language and culture are now a strong component of the school's celebrations and newer traditions including signage and appellations.The design of the school enables cross-year group interaction with its wide open corridor, ideal for the sharing of class activities and displays of children's learning. 'The Piazza' is also a meeting place for parents, children and staff as school begins and ends. 'See you in the Piazza!' has a special meaning for Yarralumla parents and their children.


Child Centred Approach

The school places a special emphasis on developing each child's self-esteem and sense of personal responsibility.

It does so by:

  • whole school child centred activities in both English and Italian
  • school focus days, assemblies run by children, carnivals attended by all in 'House groups'
  • its buddy system
  • Kindergarten and Year 1 children each have a Year 4 or 5 buddy
  • buddies help the younger children with numeracy and literacy work, and provide them with a special friend at the school
  • many children play 'across' Year groups in the playground
  • school camps and excursions
  • participation in music and drama performances (including special cultural events)
  • weekly student representative council meetings
  • school focus days such as Italian Republic Day, Learning Journeys

School Logo

Yarralumla Primary School logo

The school logo represents the lake and trees so characteristic of Yarralumla. Students' original designs were incorporated into the logo design, which is used on school clothing. The shape of the tree canopy on the logo reflects the profile of Black Mountain, which dominates the skyline beyond the school grounds and the lake.The colours also incorporate our bilingual approach including the Australian and Italian Flag.

Year 6 Graduation

Graduation day is held at the end of each school year to farewell Year 6 students and present awards. Annual awards are made in various areas including: the Italian Language Award, Citizenship Award in honour of Mr Pat Pola - an early Yarralumla resident, an English award donated by Mrs. Dorothy Jauncey - a past principal of the school, the Principal's Award for academic achievement and sportsmanship awards. Awards are also presented for outstanding achievement in other curriculum areas such as Mathematics and The Arts.