The Australian Curriculum: Technologies describes two distinct but related subjects:

Design and Technologies, in which students use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions for authentic needs and opportunities

Digital Technologies, in which students use computational thinking and information systems to define, design and implement digital solutions

Technologies ensures that all students benefit from learning about and working with traditional, contemporary and emerging technologies that shape the world in which we live. By applying their knowledge and practical skills and processes when using technologies and other resources to create innovative solutions, independently and collaboratively, they develop knowledge, understanding and skills to respond creatively to current and future needs

Yarralumla primary has a digital technologies program for students in years 3-6 as well as opportunities for all students in STEAM enrichment. Students explore the fundamentals of coding and project design as well as the opportunity to take part in an advanced robotics program.

Design Technologies is incorporated into classroom curriculum through Mathematics and Integrated Inquiry based learning

Through Technologies students develop,

  • skills of investigating, creating, communicating, collaborating and organising
  • an understating that they are creators not consumers
  • develop an appreciation of the responsible, legal and ethical use of information resulting in responsible digital citizens
  • support inquiry as students engage in building understandings that contribute to their success as life-long learners