Preschool Philosophy

Learning through play - together we create lifelong learners

When children play, they learn

Yarralumla Preschool is a beautiful and inviting space perfect for play and learning. When children have the time and opportunity to discover, imagine, question, challenge, create they expand their thinking and understanding of themselves and their world. Our learning space inspires children in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for deep and meaningful learning.

Children’s interests direct our planning of play experiences to support and extend children’s learning in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. Children bring a diverse set of skills and knowledge to their play. When children have the opportunity and agency to direct their play experience, they naturally construct their own understanding and contribute to others’ learning.

Our deliberate connection between indoor and outdoor learning honours each individual and develops the whole child. Creating stimulating and authentic learning experiences, supports children to develop critical thinking, social understanding and self-awareness.

When children play, they build relationships

Children thrive in an environment that is friendly, fun and loving. Fostering relationships with educators and peers, and the broader school community, enrich the lives of all those who are part of our preschool community.

Through relationships, children learn how to think, understand, communicate, behave, express emotions and develop social skills. We support a learning environment that values inclusion, teaching children that we must live our lives with compassion, acceptance and recognition of difference.

The foundation to all that we do is our partnership with families, understanding that parents are a child’s first educators. These partnerships build a community of learners.

When children play, they grow

Play allows children to develop lasting dispositions to learn. Children who play are intrinsically motivated to explore, hypothesise and discover.  Play by its nature is child-centered – it can be social, emotional, physical, cognitive or imaginative. Most importantly play is fun! It fosters curiosity, drives a child’s independence and establishes confidence, skills and knowledge to become life-long learners.

As early childhood educators we are in the unique position to witness the child in the ‘here and now’ and nurture confidence and skills needed for their future. Through meaningful observation and reflection, we draw upon the strengths, talents and abilities of each individual. We plan with the child at the center of all that we do.

Through play we explore the school’s STAR values of Safe, Team player, Active learner and Respectful. Preschool children know these values as I am a friend, I am safe, I am a learner.

(Updated June 2021)