Principal's Message

It is a privilege to be the Principal of a school that provides an extraordinary educational experience for children through its bilingual program, pre school, Montessori, an LSUA  and an English stream program.

The school's Mission Statement reflects our commitment to providing a holistic, safe and caring learning environment to best meet the varying learning needs of our students. We value excellence in literacy and numeracy, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), sustainability and the development of values, social graces and mindfulness. We particularly welcome the involvement of parents and the wider community in developing our students' hearts, minds and bodies.

The distinctive feature of our school that differentiates us from other ACT public schools is our commitment to language education through the provision of an authentic bilingual program. Our K to 6 children are exposed to the Italian language endorsing long recognised research in language education that  is the most natural way for young children to learn a language and to enhance their cognitive development. Although this model is still unusual for the Australian context, it is a common and highly successful educational model in many schools in Europe, Canada and international schools around the world. We have forged connections with schools in Italy and elsewhere in Australia and are continually refining our practice to reflect contemporary research in language education.

We aim to be a leading bilingual school in Australia employing the renowned CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) to teach the Australian curriculum through the Italian language. Learning another language and gaining knowledge of the world through another language gives students a level of language skill not achievable through a regular school program. In particular, a bilingual education offers deep understanding of another way a person can 'be' and the possibility of unconditional respect for 'other' (that is, deep intercultural understanding) which we believe is the basis for true global citizenship.

Yarralumla Primary School is open to children from any background and is inclusive, co-educational and non-denominational. Placements may be offered to out of area students whose families are committed to bilingual education.

If you are interested in the possibility of your child learning in a bilingual environment, please make an appointment to visit the school. My staff and I are always delighted to showcase the excellent educational opportunities we offer our students.

Rohan Evans