Under ACT legislation, children may enter school at the preschool entry point if they are four years of age on or before 30 April in that year. However it is highly recommended by Yarralumla Primary  educators that children have already had their fourth birthday by the start of their preschool year. This is to ensure they have sufficient developmental time to be socially and emotionally ready not only for the routines of preschool but particularly so for the following year as a Kindergarten student in primary school. 'Thriving rather than surviving' in these critical early years of learning is our motto. Should you have any concerns about your child's readiness for preschool, please make an appointment with one of the preschool teachers or the school's Principal or Deputy Principal.

First offer preschool enrolments close on the 30 May in the year prior to the commencement of the preschool year. All enrolment forms must be completed online and are sent directly to the ACT Education Directorate for receipt before being forwarded to the school. This enrolment form may be obtained on the school's website under the 'Our School' drop down menu.  Upon receipt of a letter from the school to confirm eligibility at Yarralumla Primary, you will need to provide your child's birth certificate, immunisation details and proof of residence (for example, a utilities bill, mortgage document, lease or tenancy agreement) to confirm placement.

Early and Accelerated Entry: Early enrolment is available for entry into Early Intervention (Special Education) programs, English as Second language programs and for gifted and talented students.  Eligibility criteria apply to early entry. An application must be made through the Student Support section of the Education Directorate.   Further information is available on the Directorate's website at http://www.det.act.gov.au/

Please call the Preschool on 61423266 or the Primary school on 61423250 if you have any further queries.